Thanks for stopping by! The Ethical Home is a shop cultivated from a love of ethical consumerism. Our Owner, Alyssa, has years of experience working in the Civil Rights field and passion for social justice through ethical consumerism.

The Ethical Home focuses on connecting shoppers with the first pillar of ethical consumerism, which is to repurpose/reuse. The Ethical Home has a beautiful selection of carefully sourced vintage textiles to fill your home with love and forego the nasty chemicals and environmental harm of new textiles.

The Ethical Home does not believe in the over-markup of items; customers who want to be ethical consumers should not have to pay an arm and a leg to do so. The reason you will see prices at a lower tier at The Ethical Home is not because the product itself is less valuable, but because the items are reasonably priced so we can all participate in ethical economics.

The dream of The Ethical Home is to build enough sustainability to expand its product line to fair trade, handmade items. From there, The Ethical Home wants to be one of the first truly ethical, fair trade non-profit home décor shop that gives back to the community. :)

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